Shelly Eshelman

Entrepreneur Real Estate Broker
DRE 01865271

Shelly Eshelman
Shelly Eshelman

Entrepreneur Real Estate Broker
DRE# 01865271

My sole purpose is not just to have clients. My life’s purpose and mission is to create more Homes for Special Needs Adults, the disabled and senior citizens.

Having many years in Real Estate as well as lending experience allows me to understand all the aspects of the transaction, to share my knowledge with you.

I am a third generation Real Estate Broker Entrepreneur and helped my grandmother drop flyers door to door as a little girl for her business. She taught me so much, which molded me to become the realtor and person I am today.

Scope of work:

Buyer’s looking to buy and seller’s looking to sell.

All areas of Southern California.

My areas of focus :

✔Manufactured Homes

✔Residential Homes Sales

✔Turn Around Sales and Mission to be Sold Fast homes.

I work with all different types of situations. Divorce, Probate, trusts,
REO’s, fix and Flips, for Investors.

Need someone to manage the properties/homes?

I offer Property Management Services for both residential and commercial. Homes and zoning areas.

Additional services and Business areas:

● Rental properties and Residential Property Management Services to help renters find homes

to move into and landlords to find great tenants.

●Commercial Sales and Property Management

●Consulting, selling, startups for:

●Adults with Mental Disabilities (ARF’s)

● Residential Care Facilities (RCFE’s)

● Skilled Nursing Homes (SNIF’s)

●Urgent Care setups/Exiting,

●Radiography-MRI & CT


● MBA in Business and enthesis in Project Management

● BA in Business

● AA in Real Estate

● Certification in Real Estate

● DSP I & DSP 2

● CPI Training

● Admin Cert’s for RCFE & ARF

Shelly is a Published Author of the following Books: